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Sample Projects


Sarrel Group wrote one of the most definitive white papers describing the Rock Phish Gang and their tactics.


Working with Intel's international team, Sarrel Group developed business backgrounders for the D201GLYL chipset.


Matt Sarrel regularly writes for such CDW publications as BizTech and GovTech.


When Untangle launched their open source network perimeter security platform, they came to Sarrel Group to lab test it to make sure it was market ready and to write a reviewers guide.

Success Magazine

Sarrel Group performed product testing and wrote reviews for Success Magazine.


Sarrel Group helped Novell step into the business social networking space with a competitive analysis that pit Novell Teaming Plus Conferencing against Microsoft Sharepoint and Lotus Connections.

Blue Coat Systems

Sarrel Group helped establish Blue Coat Systems as a leader in the WAN optimization space by performance benchmarking their solution against those made by Riverbed and Cisco.

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An essential tool in product development, marketing and sales

This report offers a detailed look into Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Reports like this one are essential tools in product development as well as marketing and sales. They can also be used to guide PR efforts and sometimes form the basis of a reviewer's guide.