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Matt Sarrel discusses WAN optimization appliances

Matt Sarrel discusses the findings of Sarrel Group competitive tests of WAN optimization.

Matt Sarrel discusses Internet security with Investment News

Matt Sarrel quoted in article on identity theft.

Matt Sarrel interviewed on

Matt Sarrel discusses ways to make computer networks secure.

Matt Sarrel on MSNBC

Matt is quoted in an article on MSNBC about the importance of a website for small business.

Matt Sarrel joins as a Technology Advisor

Matt blogs about new business technologies and the adventures of business IT management.

Matt Sarrel interviewed on BNET

Matt Sarrel discusses the product review process in the course of two interviews:

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Unraveling Web Malware

This technical white paper written for FireEye explains the risks presented by the new generation of web-based blended threats which rely on a combination of vulnerabilities to deploy malware. This paper contain examples of obfuscated javascript and also explains how and why malware evolved to this point.

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An essential tool in product development, marketing and sales

This report offers a detailed look into Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Reports like this one are essential tools in product development as well as marketing and sales. They can also be used to guide PR efforts and sometimes form the basis of a reviewer's guide.