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Alliance Partners

Sarrel Group would love to be all things to all clients, but we can't. Through carefully forged relationships, we are able to connect our clients with the right alliance partner for the job. Our formal alliance partnership program ensures that our clients' needs are met with high quality solutions.

Certification Lab


We maintain a special relationship with Veritest, one of the world's largest performance testing and certification labs. Sarrel Group can access the benchmarking equipment and resources of Veritest to complement our own in-house capabilities.

Sales and Marketing Strategy Development

The Algonquin Group

The Algonquin Group is a global venture development firm that delivers solutions and advice for businesses seeking to expand into the US and Asia Pacific Regions. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients with insight, innovation and integrity to capitalize on emerging opportunities both in the US and abroad.

Web Design and Marketing Services

Mons Design

From web design to copywriting, branding to logo creation, Mons Design delivers effective, engaging marketing solutions that help you reach your audience and sell your product or service. Sarrel Group works with Mons Design to create compelling, affordable visual communications and marketing messages that work harder for small and medium businesses, as well as organizations.

Winning Connections

The Inside Track to Positive Media Coverage

Winning Connections

Latest News

Sarrel Group featured on CNN Money as an example of success during a recession

This article on starting a business highlights Sarrel Group and details some early history of the group.

Sarrel Group Standardizes Layer 4-7 Testing with BreakingPoint Systems

Sarrel Group is migrating its layer 4 through 7 test methodologies to the BreakingPoint platform in order to take advantage of its powerful multi-protocol, high-throughput and live security attack capabilities.

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Unraveling Web Malware

This technical white paper written for FireEye explains the risks presented by the new generation of web-based blended threats which rely on a combination of vulnerabilities to deploy malware. This paper contain examples of obfuscated javascript and also explains how and why malware evolved to this point.

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An essential tool in product development, marketing and sales

This report offers a detailed look into Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Reports like this one are essential tools in product development as well as marketing and sales. They can also be used to guide PR efforts and sometimes form the basis of a reviewer's guide.