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A Business Critical Gap in Secure Messaging

Entrepreneurs can no longer afford to ignore the business critical gaps in their secure messaging. These deleterious factors include:

Productivity losses: Spam distracts employees as they waste time filtering, sorting and deleting at the end-user level. Many spam messages also contain web links that tempt employees to browse web pages that in many cases contain an embedded virus or worm exploit. Such an attack can bring down a network, or cause the negative opportunity cost associated with intentionally taking down a network for maintenance, for example to manually update enterprise-wide computers. Both are productivity hits that organizations can ill-afford in the always-on Internet era.

Blended Threats: The worst intrusion is a spam flood with a virus or worm hidden inside an email or lying-in-wait on a Web page, especially when few companies are screening their HTTP traffic for virus exploits.

Storage constraints: New regulations suggest that companies, even small businesses, must maintain storage of all enterprise messaging for a certain period of time. The cost of storing—or even caching for short periods of time—spam emails and often large-file attachments degrades the efficiency gains of email communications.

Liability: A large degree of spam is offensive material such as pornography-related, often containing large JPG images that if merely visible to other employees expose enterprises to legal liabilities, not to mention misuse and abuse of network resources when companies are inadequately filtering URLs for banned or inappropriate content.

Network congestion: Traditional firewalls fail to resolve the bottleneck caused by the exponential increase in network traffic and do not increase performance standards., There exists the dangerous possibility of spam and virus attacks causing buffer overflows that disable conventional defenses. Spam broadcasts are a contributing factor to the network congestion that slows companies down and the potential for such broadcasts is increasing.

Case Studies - sample excerpt

In 2002, StudentUniverse implemented the HBX service and quickly took advantage of its campaign tracking capabilities, including understanding the success of its bi-weekly fare alerts. With HBX, StudentUniverse can see the open rate, which links are clicked on and what airfares people purchase as a result of the e-mail. Understanding user behavior in this manner enables StudentUniverse to refine its messaging and promotions.

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As we are inundated with communications that come at us from every direction, we begin to become numb. We’re bombarded with so many messages that we stop listening to them. Marketers have to work harder now than ever before to reach us. Using cross-marketing techniques, media strategists now leverage the assets of digital convergence to deliver personalized marketing vehicles using Variable Data Printing (VDP) and other technologies to achieve long-term customer relationships. Marketing messages need to be sent on multiple channels in order to compete with each other.

Today’s marketers rely on consistent information gathering and data management, and ask their service providers to handle multiple ways of outputting this information. Delivering diverse communications generates higher response rates, increased customer loyalty, and greater profits. The evolution of marketing communications presents significant growth opportunities for the modern print service provider.

The modern business marketer understands the value of multi-channel publishing and integrates each medium as part of a campaign. Many times there are tracking mechanisms in place to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign. Above all else, the modern marketer requires multiple output mediums to spread his message. The opportunity exists to integrate customer data with marketing messages. Printers can leverage short-run digital print technology, add customer data, and output in multiple channels. This is the essence of VDP. VDP automates the production of unique, relevant communications that resonate with recipients and motivate them to take action. VDP links creative content with databases and print engines to deliver personalized output.

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Unraveling Web Malware

This technical white paper written for FireEye explains the risks presented by the new generation of web-based blended threats which rely on a combination of vulnerabilities to deploy malware. This paper contain examples of obfuscated javascript and also explains how and why malware evolved to this point.

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An essential tool in product development, marketing and sales

This report offers a detailed look into Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Reports like this one are essential tools in product development as well as marketing and sales. They can also be used to guide PR efforts and sometimes form the basis of a reviewer's guide.