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Winning Connections

The Inside Track to Positive Media Coverage.

With knowledge comes power. The Winning Connections program offers PR firms an unprecedented level of knowledge about their client’s product, which, in turn, will help every PR campaign reach the winner’s circle.

Sarrel Group specializes in performing Features and Functionality Testing, which benefits PR firms by revealing every aspect of a product before a press campaign is launched. We’ll pinpoint strengths that can be emphasized when presenting the product and weaknesses that can be corrected before the media and public can spot them.

We’ll also conduct a competitive analysis that details how a product stacks up against the competition, allowing PR firms to promote their client’s strengths while exploiting a competitor’s weakness when talking to the press.

In addition, our reviewer’s guides walk the media through a product’s features and makes the benefits crystal clear.

We offer a Media Blitz package (lab test and reviewers guide) for one low price. Please contact us for more details.

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An essential tool in product development, marketing and sales

This report offers a detailed look into Sugar Enterprise 4.5 On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Reports like this one are essential tools in product development as well as marketing and sales. They can also be used to guide PR efforts and sometimes form the basis of a reviewer's guide.